Showing sign that my co-workers think I'm a smelly 50-year-old woman:
Today I received an overnighted package from Denver whose contents were only a pink piece of paper with my name on it, a small yellow tote bag and four tins of breath mints.

Showing sign of N.P.R.'s aloof eliteness:
"The Mariners won last night 4-2 against the Oakland Athletics."

Showing sign that cnn doesn't live in the world you and I live in:

A very Brent moment, from last night:
(Beer-buzzed at the grocery store purchasing a six pack of beer, a pack of cigarettes and a cobb salad)
People in front of me in line.
Blurry Blonde: She what?

Blurry Man: She lost her lottery ticket.

Blurry Blonde: Did she win?

Blurry Man: She doesn't know.  She lost the ticket.

Me: (Feeling I could contribute to the conversation) I lost a fish in college.

(Blurry Blonde and Blurry Man look at me.)

Me: (Shrug shoulders) I don't know how to take care of fish.

A very non-Brent moment, from yesterday:
"Hey, look, a pick-your-own lavender field!  Let's stop!  Hey, they have corn!"

Weekend, dorks.

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