Last night at the Mariners game against the Indians:
(Section 143, Row 13, Seat 13)
Bottom of the 7th inning.  Mariners at bat.  2 outs.  Cleveland leads 1-0.

The Mariners' Moose is getting the crowd pumped with his "Raise the Roof" and "I can't hear you" antics.
The problem is, this is the most boring baseball game ever played.

The Moose orders us to raise the roof.
"No, Moose."

The Moose orders us to make some noise.
"Should we go get a hotdog."

The Moose says that he can't hear us.
"Let's go to the Team Store.  I need to buy a gift for the guy who gave me these tickets."

Suddenly, the Moose throws his "NOISE" sign on the ground and goes after a fan, arms raised making the universal mascot gesture for "Do you want to fight a mascot?"
"Shit, look, the Moose is picking a fight."

The Moose regains his composure and his sign.  Make some noise!
Suddenly the entire place gets on its feet and starts to yell and cheer.
"Oh my god," I think for a split second. "People have started to revolt against performers who say they can't hear them.  I'm witnessing history."

Then I realize that the game winning home run has been hit.
That's exciting too.

Mariners snap their 9-game losing streak.  I continue my 6-game Mariners-winning-at-every-game I attend streak.

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