Welcome back, Me.
I didn't Memorialize too much yesterday. I'm feeling sick. Between R. Streppy, the L.C.'s dogs, a Rubberhead carnival last week and shopping at every freakin' sporting goods store in Seattle to find a decent sleeping bag I am exhausted. Exhaustion + Mac & Cheese/Natural Ice diet = ... too worn out for algebra right now, dorks.
I'm clammy, crabby and sluggish. I'm virtually made of molluscs!

This weekend included:
-One of my birthday presents for R. Adult (June 18th, if you are present-inclined) was tickets to Mitch Hedberg on Saturday night. He is our comedian-in-common. Our movie-in-common is "Malibu's Most Wanted".
Mitch jokes not heard before concert: "I flew over an island and saw S-O-S written very big. I yelled out 'Stop! Those people have dirty pans'" and "I had an infestation of Koala bears ... I turned on my lights and Koala bears scattered everywhere ... Do not hide behind the toaster, you are too big to fit back there. Plus you are cute and I want to pet you."

-Shopping and disc golf with the Lovely Couple Saturday morning. We bought chicken then took a nap. If that don't say rock 'n' roll you can eat my ass, dorks! Why do I yell?

-Shrek 2 in the theater with R. Girl. It was pointed out to me that I started squirming like all of the toddlers halfway through the movie.
"I'm tired."
"Shh, we'll get ice ..."
"Look! Shrek!"

-Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD Sunday night. What would happen if Elvis had lived and then joined forces with J.F.K. (who is now Ossie Davis-like) to fight a mummy in a Texas retirement home?
This movie.
14 tubs of popcorn out of 15! A must-see ... if you are sick of history and mummy attacks not correlating!

Another voice-note left by me (Heavily Keystone Light influenced)
2:29am 5/31/04:
"Now you can eat Dorritos ... Fritos, whatever, no matter what you're doing ..."
For some reason I thought this was an important topic to write about. It's magnitude escapes me now ... oh, wait, I can eat them ANYWHERE?!?!!? Even while playing SOCCER?!?!!?
Miracle of miracles! I see the glory!

Hehe. Memory!
What I bragged to my buddy Kurtis I was going to tell this chick after I ditched her (circa. 1997):
"Truly thou art the fling of flings."
Oh, Past Me, what ribald jest!

From cnn:
"Bush praises Iraqi interim government ... blasts kill 14, including 3 near 'Green Zone' "

"And your president will be Bob. (Ka-Boom) Your president will be Carl."

I'm reading "Power and Terror: Post-9/11 Talks and Interviews" sort-of by Noam Chomsky (it's pretty much the transcript of the related movie from what I gather).
Very good, Ameridork. 15 out of 15 tubs of popcorn.

Hmmm, done.
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