I woke up late today ...
It's time for Morning Math!
Current time (x) added to estimated time of shower (y) multiplied by the average number of backups on I-405 (z) over the ammount of words I'll have to use to explain to my hippie carpool partner why I'm late (a) = haul ass!

Made it!
"Sorry I'm late."

"Yeah, you know, it's really hard to judge if you're going to make it, I mean you really need to know if you really know the other person, like if they are going to stay or if they are going to go ahead. I mean I'm on time because the kids had a game yesterday and they were tired so I could go to bed, but I'm worried that their real mother is not taking care of business, and so ...."

(Fading out. Inner toughts taking over ...) "Taking care of business? ... la da da if my train's on time I can be at work by nine. Start your yah-yah job and get your pay. Hmmm- da second hand guitar hmmm-da ... you'll go far if you get in with the right group of fellows. ... 'Cause we been taking care of business, EVERYDAY. And we been taking care of business EVERYWAY. We've been taking care of business ... hmmm landmine. We be taking care of business and working overtime. Work out. Dadadadadadaa DA DA"

"...so I told him that pudding shouldn't be gray. Can you believe that?"


Nice save, brain.
Have a good day, dorks.
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