Head pounding. Head pounding. Head pounding.

"So, are you FEELING BETTER? I mean, have you made HEALTH PROGRESS?"

Oh, carpool lady can't you see my head beating like a drum? That's not normal!

"Yes, I feel better," I say softly .... slowly ...

"What was it? THE FLU? Did you HAVE THE FLU?"

My brain just fell into my lap, lady. Couldn't have anything to do with your Bose speaker lungs, could it?

"Yes, I think so," I say smoothly ...

"You know you really SHOULD BE CAREFUL. I've read reports that THE WEST NILE VIRUS has been detected in King County again. It starts LIKE THE FLU. You know THE SYMPTOMS. My friend in college had it and you know she GAINED SOME SEVERE LEARNING disabilities because it caused her BRAIN TO DECAY."

It's 7:30 on a Wednesday morning and I might have some Egyptian Death Flu.
Well, at least Speaker Lungs has already blasted my brain out of my head before it can decay and turn me into some carpooling mummy.

"The kids ATE TOAST this morning."

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