Fifteen minutes ago.

The phone goes ring, ring. I answer.
"This is Brent."
"Brent, do you have any of those big envelopes? Not the skinny ones, the ones that are big," says Crumble Cheeks.
"Could you please bring me some?"
I Grab a handful of the envelopes and head to her office. This is the same Rubberhead who was baffled by how a folder works until I opened it up for her.
I am silently chanting "I know something stupid is going to happen. I know something stupid is going to happen" as I enter the office.
"Here you go."
"No, these aren't them. I need the big ones."
I take the top envelope off the stack I have brought up. I open it.
"Oh, OK, that's better. My stuff can fit in there now."

Rubberheads, dorks, my life is full of Rubberheads.

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