Did anyone else notice how quickly the major news outlets dropped the "9/11 Commission Finds No Iraq/Al Queda Link" story? Don't you think it deserves a little more attention than whether or not Reagan's face should be on the million dollar bill?
I grow tired of lies and 9/11, dorks. Three years of fear is enough. "They could have 9/11ed the Space Needle!" Are we really going to let paralell universes scare us now? They didn't fly a plane into Safeco Field, get over it. Did the Mariners win? No? Shit.
Witness the the greatest photo ever taken by man or beast.
Hahahaha, dorks, now that's something to get excited about.

P.S. I forgot to tell you, dorks! I saw a hobo woman in Seattle's U District on Sunday with a sign that read "Homeless mother yah, blah, rarrgh!" only the "r" was turned around like in a Toys 'R' Us sign.
Why? It's not even that cute when a kid does it, or actually when someone trying to show that someone is young so they reverse the R ... because everyone knows the "Correct Positioning of the Letter R" lobe of the brain doesn't develop until puberty.
Back to my observation of the woman. No? A song? Yes!

I don't want a real job.
I'll just beg for your change.
And when I vomit on the street don't look at me strange.
From crack to smack to Jumbo Jacks
I really need to score some
I don't want a real job
'Cause if I had one
I couldn't be a Hobo Mom!
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