Two voice notes left by yours truly on yours truly's cell phone.

5:16 p.m. 5/24/04
"1 cross + 3 Nails = 4given .... huh-huh-ha" (From a bumper sticker seen on the way home.)

1:05 a.m. 5/25/04
"The mullet joke is not funny anymore." (A truth discovered while P.B.R. influenced. And really it isn't, dorks. A dork who says, "Look a mullet" is really saying "Look, my dorkhead is full of Jello". A mullet joke is on the same level as a Monica Lewinsky joke now ... move on! The next big joke? Chicken legs! (on humans))

If it's not the sun
that gets you done
or great white sharks
that stop your heart
or killer bees,
or mad cow disease,
or sarrin gas,
or S-A-R-S,
then don't you dread
you'll still be dead
before summer's through
they'll still get you.
The terrorists, says Uncle Sam
have a scary summer plan
to murder and kill and poison and shoot,
maybe an explosion thrown in to boot!
So run, hide and cover your head.
Scream and cry 'til you see red.
And don't ask "Why?" "When?" or "Who?"
Cause Big Brother ... 'Cause Uncle Sam is there for you.

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