My job is ...

5 minutes ago, singing in my head:
Bite down through the wire, ya-ya la the fire. Ya da da, da da ooooh yeah ... dum dum da, I use two lifelines ... OH SHIT! WigWolf at 9:00! Evade! Evade! She's on our 6! ((side note: You know that scene at the end of "The Neverending Story" when Atray... um, the injun meets the wolf of the nothing thing ... WigWolf is starting to look like that, which is to say Hot as Balls)) Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot ... she's going to talk to us ... we can't have her talk to the precious Brent ... left foot, right foot ... dammit left foot keep up! Too Late! Abandon foot, abandon foot! Past the front desk and to the elevator, focus, focus ...

Jersey Hair: (At the front desk, covering for ManFace since she quit) There you are, you were supposed to be up here at 2:00. (I smell foxy boxing!)

WigWolf: I was going to but then my father, you know The Dark Snake Prince, called and asked me to fetech the blood of bunnies and Straight-A students.

Jersey Hair: Well, I had to cover for you and now Blondie is here to cover for me.

WigWolf: I smite my lateness, but ..

Jersey Hair: Too late, you were supposed to be here. Thanks again for being a real team player. (Oooooo)

(WigWolf turns into a mist of smoke and fades away into the air ducts ... and hopefully history. I run for the elevator before she gains enough strength to return.)

Yippee Jersey Hair, the revolt of the human heads has begun! Beware ye heads of rubber, your day is numbered. Surely within a fortnight's hence ...
Ah, fuck that, I ran out of fancy sounding words.
Anyways, this might be a lame job, but it has it's moments. Then again, there's never a lame moment when cat fightin' is involved.
Meow, weekend and down with the rubber heads, dorks!

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