Maria Shriver has made Pat Tillman speak from the grave. The ventriloquist lives, the dead are silent heroes pushed into eternal rotting iconic roles!

Shriver said Tillman epitomized the message her uncle, John F. Kennedy, delivered in his presidential inauguration 43 years ago.
      ``My uncle once said, 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.' You, Pat, have lived those words,'' she said.

Dorks, dorks, dorks! J.F.Mutha Kickin'K. said those words so America's youth would HELP the people of the world through organizations like the Peace Corps! He wasn't saying join the Army and get shot while shooting people!
I don't remember the quote going "Ask not who your country can shoot for you but who you can stack into a homoerotic Iraqi-prisoner pyramid for your country."

"Ah, duh-er, we don't want no gays in the military and them homos shouldn't be getting ah-huh-der married in Oregon-io ... he-he, look, Pippytits, two Iraqi dudes all tied up and such. Let's make them jerk off into each others mouths, them stupid homos."

And it happened and people die
and homos hate and people lie
and Haliburton and Daddy too
get richer and you boo hoo hoo
and quote the dead and make them praise
any flag you'd like to raise.

Did all of you pretty little dorks remember to buy your mother a present for this weekend? I did, I did!
I made her a card that goes as such in crayon:
Outside:(A picture of my mom dressed in a superman costume with a giant "M" instead of an "S" with "<----- You are prettier than this" pointing to it.)
You are a Super Mom.

Inside: (SuperMom flying towards a T-Rex that has razor fingers and shooting fire out of its mouth!)
Now kill that T-Rex and save THE WORLD! Happy Mother's Day! Love,Brent
Other things are busy. I have officially been offered my job as a permanent position.
"You're officially unofficial," said R. Emembers.
She reads, she remembers! Meat and New Balances sing the praise of a fan and girlfriend rolled into one!
I need to go pee in a cup now, dorks.
And then I might go to my drug screening.

Later, dorks.
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