It's 8:36 in the morning and I've run out of things to do.
I've been up since 5:30 this morning, dorks.
Just last year I would go to bed at that time. What have I become?

My father, Brent Sr., wakes up with the sun.
"Cock-a-fucking-do," says Brent Jr.
Brent Sr. now has to wear hearing aids at the age of, um, 52ish. He blames it on rock 'n' roll and woodworking.
"I'm sorry, R. Mumbles, could you repeat what you just said? I wasn't facing you while you were speaking and someone is playing a radio in Texas. Hard for me to hear you with all of those distractions," says Brent Jr.
Brent Sr. has the paitience of a "rabid wolf" (to quote my ma).
"Once upon a time ... fuck this," says Brent Jr.
Brent Sr. has the memory of a dead elephant.
"I'm out of food and toothpaste. Let's go to Kidco," says Brent Jr.
"You mean Winco?" says R. Girl-I'm-Pretty-Sure-I've-Been-Dating-For-Almost-A-Year.
"Yep, Spifco. Let me brush my teeth first," says who?

I have Monday off, that means if I can just play Statue game for 7 hrs. and 15 mins. I have a three day reward and a paycheck waiting for me.
Statue Game comencement in
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