Hello, dorks.
Are you glad it's Friday? I know someone who is!
Me? Nope ... Well, yes ... But someone else!
It's Weekend Delivery Man!

Monday: "I can't wait for the weekend."
Tuesday: "One down, 4 to go!"
Wednesday: "Almost there!"
Thursday: "Feels like Friday to me. Does that count?"
Friday: "Didn't think it'd ever get here."

Our entire relationship is based on how many days there are until the weekend. I fear that one weekend I'll run into him at the porn store or the museum and it will be awkward.
"Can't wait for the ... just one ... three ... the wife said .... my doctor ... the weather."
It's quite possible that me seeing this man on the weekend could rip the universe in half. Or maybe it isn't, who knows?

We need billions more dollars to fund Iraq? I thought we planned to be out by June 30th! Here's a startling math fact for you (which I figured out by the way, thank you internet and BrentBrain4000)...
If we funded the bare minimum of 2 billion dollars (the minimal plural ammount) and we leave Iraq on June 30th that will be an average daily (excluding today) spending of $42,553,191. That comes out to being $0.15 per U.S. Citizen per day.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can kill a child in Fallujah.


So, this weekend I will do nothing. Well, tonight I shop for breakfast sausage and dinosaur nuggets, but then I'm retiring to my XBox. I rented RedDeadRevolver. It's O.K.
I watched the final showdown scene from "The Good,The Bad and The Ugly" to get myself pumped for the game. That is without a doubt my most favorite movie sequence ever!
A close second is when those lesbians made out during "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Oh, you missed that scene? That's because you don't have Brent-Imagi-Vision!


I should probably go work ... nope.
Weekend, dorks!
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