Correspondence from a letter briefly glanced over at the office today.
"I faxed her a check but then never heard from her again."

Maybe next time you should e-mail the check, Rubberhead. After that why don't you text message me a sandwich.

From cnn.com
Bush outlined five broad steps to restore Iraqi sovereignty and get the country back on its feet:

* Handing over authority to a sovereign Iraqi government.
* Establishing security.
* Continuing to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure.
* Encouraging more international support.
* Moving toward a national election in Iraq that "will bring forward new leaders empowered by the Iraqi people."

From dorksdontrock
Brent outlined five specific steps to stop killing Iraqi women and babies.

*Hand over authority to people who we won't turn around and kill/overthrow/raid/carbomb/naked pyramid stack/humiliate/intimidate in 5 years ... or days. Then bring the troops home for a game of softball, some pie, whores and crank.
*Establish security by not bombing any more mosques or forcing Iraqis to jerk off in each others mouths.
*Avoid the labor and costs of rebuilding with a simple "no carpet bombing" policy.
*Encourage more international support for more naked Janet Jackson!
*Move toward a national election in America that "will bring forward a new leader elected by the American people".

Bye, dorks!
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