WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Heavy social drinkers show the same pattern of brain damage as hospitalized alcoholics -- enough to impair day-to-day functioning, U.S. researchers said Wednesday ...

This is why I do most of my drinking under a blanket in a dark closet instead of socially.

Speaking of society ... is President Bush getting more darling looking every day? The picture of him and Ariel Sharon on cnn.com makes him look so precious. Kind of like a lost puppy/boy. And his press conference? Forget about it! He is by far the most progressively-boyish-by-the-day president ever.
"Sir, I knew Jack Kennedy, he was a boyish-faced president, you sir are no Jack Kennedy... you're a pumpkin prince with chubby cheeks of gold and a tightlipped smile of pudding!"
Almost makes you forget he's killing kids in other countries and dumbing up kids at home.
(A fratboy infiltrates!)
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