I got ladies fight-ing over me,
Got the girls delight-ing under me.
The Kung-Fu way don't enlight-en me,
but, punk, you do not fright-en me.

'Cause I pull out my shotty. "Barrel, please meet Face."
KRA-KOW too loud, I'll just stick with the Mase.
Beause with Mase you only get a scream.
And in space don't no-one hear you scream.
Welcome to the void; call me Buzz Lightyear.
Fuck kiddy shit, make it Doctor Fear.
Sinister, like I'm Spiderman's foe
And Spiderman won't be 'round no mo'.

I said Spiderman won't be 'round no mo'.

'Cause I got M.J. and Lois fight-ing over me.
And Supergirl be delight-ing under me.
That Kung-Fu shit don't enlight-en me,
but, punk you still ain't shit to me.

Damn, dorks. I AM the best rapper alive! I rock, I rap, I'm not Kid Rock and Fred Durst is for super skinhead dorks!
"I did it all for the nookie!"
"You've actually had sex, Fred Durst?"
Check out my album in stores June 6 "DJ, get a Clue".
Throw the sign, dorks!

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