"Time and again, George Bush has failed to give those fighting the war on terror -- whether they're overseas or over here -- the weapons, equipment and support they need."
Dorks, dorks, dorks. Does this sound like a "slam"? CNN claims "Kerry slams Bush over war on terror." I was thinking, "Goddamn, a slam! This is going to be good!"
"That muthafucka ain't done shit for Kerry. And if he ain't done shit for Kerry than he ain't done shit for none of you fuckers either. That ass licker best start doing and stops lying before I go from straight chillin' to straight killin'."
But instead we get the above quote. See, dorks, it's all just a hyperbole to keep your mind fucked. "Kerry slams" "Nation mourns" "America attacks" "Terrorists threaten" "War mounts" "Security lowers" "Dorks Don't Rock". And now you're starting to see through the hype.
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