One more thing, dorks.
A question I used to ask myself when I was a teenager and that I put before my friend Jared Stover one day. Maybe it wasn't Stover, dammit, dorks, who cares who it was! This question was asked ...
"Do you think that they'll ever run out of songs? I mean, it's possible that there are only so many combinations of notes and chords and stuff. "
Maybe we have run into this block, maybe the combinations have all been found! Maybe we just take old stuff and play it faster. It's new! It's new!
-Dawn of the Dead
-King Kong
-Puff Daddy
-Starsky and Hutch
-Walking Tall
Remake, remake, remix and remake! Now there's a movie idea, dorks! A truly original one! The world has rehashed everything so much that a man sells a copy of "The Little Train That Could" as an original work! And everyone loves it!
Monkeys typing .
A movie about monkeys that take over our planet! Original!
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