Morning, dorks. Have a good weekend? Me too. Me and R. Consumer went and did some shizopping. Things we now mutually own together:
-A Vacuum
-Shower curtain
-Welcome rug
-A slip mutha covering cover
and other stuff, etc. It's weird to mutually own anything (besides a case of beer) with someone. We are just a few weeks away from the big move in. Yip-mutha-readin-ee! I am so ready to have a place to call home and not just a backpack full of clothes in different locations.
What'd I do this weekend. Well, I was sick on Friday and so was R. Sniffles so that meant that we did jack shit. I was so wound up from last week with it's sicknesses and exploding heads and other Kyle fueled anger that, in fact, I have no idea what we did on Friday.
I do remember that I went to Taco Bell and that I was dazed in my typical "7 layer good, but 2 tacos for same price" daze when I heard the Lovely couple saying my name behind me. Apparently they had been standing in line behind me and I hadn't noticed.
In turn, the female part of the L.C. didn't notice that I was right in front of her. Guess what? She's my cousin. I guess there's some sort of "Tacos have preponderance over people" gene in my family.
I like saying "In turn". I'm going to use it more often.
"In turn, I say to you, good sir of Wendy's that yes I shall indeed Biggie Size."
"So, I was wasted and, in turn, I took on SIX COPS!"
"Dammit, I missed my turn ... in turn."
Want another reason to laugh at Ashton Kutcher? O.K., here you go.
Isn't that the most ridiculous story about hats that you've ever read?
It's like wearing an "I Love Ghandi" shirt to a fist fight, or a "George Washington ruled" shirt while you chopped down an apple tree, or making a very violent movie to spread the word (or your particularly warped view thereof) of Christ.
Hey, who remembers Stussy? Can you still buy a Stussy hat? Or what about Yaga? Or was it Yaya? I was always afraid to ask because then I would ruin the carefully constructed image of hipness that I had created. I had a kickass Stussy hat in high school, but then some dude said that if you read the signature all funny it said "I am gay". So, of course, I couldn't wear it because my cock hadn't started it's growth spurt.
That's right you started reading a simple paragraph about hats and high school memories and then all of a sudden (BA-DAM) you have to read about my junks. I like to keep you on your toes and on my tip, dorks.
So, on Saturday the R. Girl and me boy went and played disc golf with the L.C. That was fun and frustrating. I couldn't seem to get my game together, so of course I spent more money on new discs. They were having a tournament and all of these great players were out there, which ruined my self confidence faster than a Stussy hat.
There was this group of deaf guys in front of us playing ( I now know how to say "Knucklehead" in sign language). We were all slowed down because of the tourney ( I said "tourney", I miss the March fever that college life brings on) and frequently spent time together at tee pads waiting for other groups to throw. At the 10th (and I know I might have that wrong and a part of the L.C. will catch it) hole, which has a huge hill just off the teepad that has a baseball field at the bottom, the deaf guy (sorry, guy who is deaf) with dreads and wearing the "Weedies" t-shirt throws a slice into the outfield. So he walks away angry at himself, but fogets that his buddies haven't thrown yet. But what can you do when a deaf stoned guy is walking in front of your disc's flight path? (I think it was R. Girl that made the joke about stomping on the ground 4 times ... get it?) So, that was funny for all the deaf and hearing people.
I bought the original "Dawn of the Dead" on DVD this weekend. It was awesome.
Well, I really should work or something. Later, dorks.
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