Martha Stewart is guilty, Howard Stern is gagged, a 24 hour a day search for Bin Laden is underway (the CIA wasn't leading up this "convenience hunt" from the begining? "Ah, come on, we looked for him yesterday. Plus, Dr. Phil is on."), Bush uses images of 9/11 to get your vote ("It happened under me" being the appropriate slogan), job market predictions have been cut back, my dad just told me he isn't going to be helping with my student loans, British troops plan to be in Iraq for at least two more years and many Iraqi "leaders" (yeah, and Bugs Bunny was a fucking rabbit, these guys are more puppet than Muppet), for some reason Ben Stiller makes more movies than the Beastie Boys put out albums, my goddamned shoes hurt, Bishops are gay, gays can't marry here, gays aren't supposed to be here, a tit has shook up the world, the F.C.C. is headed up by a Powell and so is our war, probes, leaks, Haiti, Nader = 4 more years, stamps for e-mail?, Atkins was obese when he died, Giuliani defends everyone, Kobe rapes ... he scores, little boys being touched, gays, bombs, is Hitler back?, high gas prices, lower wages, air, clouds, bird flu, mercury, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen ...
and then you see this.
Have a good weekend, dorks. If the world is ending, you've seen it all.
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