Let's get de-lir-i-ous. Nananana-na-nana. Prince rhymed something with de-lir-i-ous. Nananana-na-nana.
Future me was up very late last night lifting and opening. Color schemes and tidiness. The fridge wasn't on, ice cubes to be made! Too many DVDs, did I really need "Firestarter". Oops, I forgot to clean out my coffee grinds from coffee pot ... 3 MONTHS ago. Coffee is fur. Girlfriend vomitous. Lift a dresser, box spring. No sleep yet.
I traveled to the future, my friends, on a machine fueled by Taco Time and redheaded smiles. In this future I have a toothbrush holder and a special cup for rinsing. Ingenious. In this future I hang my t-shirts on hangers. I didn't know you could legally do that!
The future's so bright I gotta wear switchblades.
Dorks, I want to crawl under my desk and sleep all day. I could do it. I could.
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