Happy birthday to you, Happy first official and by official I mean first recognized by the media when in fact it's been an ongoing battle for more than a decade and not a first birthday to you, Happy birthday, War - in - I-R-AAAQ.
Happy birthday to you.
Now, blow out the burning children and make a wish.

Weird times, dorks. Things personally are getting better and better for me. However, now that I don't have to focus on my own lot and now that I have your attention, I feel I should be punching the world awake. Maybe it's just youth, maybe it's just pictures, maybe I've caught my R. Matey's fever ...
She's doing better by the way, thanks for asking. Well, she's either doing better, or she has mono. Either way, she's cute when she's sick.

A blind man with a seeing eye dog at his side walks into a grocery store. The man walks to the middle of the store, picks up the dog by the tail, and starts swinging the dog around in circles over his head.
The store manager, who has seen all this, thinks this is quite strange. So, he decides to find out what's going on. The store manager approaches the blind man swinging the dog and says, "Pardon me. May I help you with something."
The blind man says, "No thanks. I'm just looking around."

Hahahahaha, fuck ... now, that's funny, dorks! Happy St. Patty's Day, dorkles! From all of your Scotch/Irish freinds at Dorks Don't Rock .. Get drunk, start a fight and have unfulfilling sloppy sex tonight!
Blarney, dorks, blarney!
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