Dorks, how's it going? I'm good. Heading to the beach with R. Bubbles tomorrow. We got us this here hotel room with a bay window that overlooks the ocean ... as you sit in a hot tub, mother fuckers!
But first more shopping at IKEA tonight.
Want to hear something cool that happened to me?
How many of you dorks have watched "The Sopranos"? OK, one, two ... um, 24. OK, good, then you'll follow me.
I was listening to the Sopranos soundtrack on the way to work this morning. As I got closer to work the last track came on, which was a bunch of quotes from the show.
"Owee, I pinched my pinky."
"You really look good in green, Tony."
"Hey, who needs a hug and a cupcake?"
After these actual quotes the theme song for the show came on ... just as I was pulling into my office parking lot.

You woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun,
(Hell yeah, roll down my window)
Mama always said you'd be
The Chosen One.
(Pull my access card out)
She said: You're one in a million
You've got to burn to shine,
(That's right, can't no security gate stop me)
But you were born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in your eyes.
(Look at this fucker with the briefcase, what a mook)
You woke up this morning
All the love has gone,
(That's right, mamagamook, keep walking.)
Your Papa never told you
About right and wrong.
(Don't noone mess with T. I mean B.)

We'll fast forward a bit. As I'm parking my truck these lyrics come on.

When you woke up this morning,
When you woke up this morning,
When you woke up this morning,
You got yourself a gun.

I parked my truck at the same point in the song that Tony parks his in the opening credits! No fast forwarding, nothing, just perfectly in synch with my actions! God loves a soundtrack!

Later, dorks, weekend!

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