Yeah, it's late, and maybe I've been drinking, dorks, what do you care.
Doing a little web-based research I realized I haven't typed in this thing for a few days. Well, let me tell you something.
The R. had to work at the place where the save kids tonight so I decided to (I'm not correcting any mistakes I make in pucntuation or grammar from here out, dorks, it's taking too long). So, today I bought a couple of lamsbs wool sweaters at a GAP outlet. That was spectacular. They were only 10 dollars a pop and so a I coutgot two. HMMM, and them I wasnt' feeling too good adn R. baby had to go to wo rk and so I went asn saw Mystic River with the lovely couple. Robert Downey jr. is good, but I don't mean robert downey jr. I mean the other guy, sean penn. He was reall y good in that movie. Every time I see sehan penn on the screen I am like "dude, that's madoneas'sas fuck buddy" but no, the dude can act. Like I'm a judge of anything.
"dead man walking, more like madonnas tits a sucking ... hehehehehe, know what I mean, he dated her, dude, totally, he had to suck on those things ... hahahhahaha, dammit, dude, madonna's tits"
So, I went downtonwn with Kyeele tontight and had one drink at theis bar that I rmember reading about in a Hendrix bio or seeing in a Hendrix screen print. Either way it coust me almost 16 dollars for TWO miller genuiine drafts and a jack daniels and a yager shot. I don't think jimi would have paye dthose prices even with inflation. (I had to to back and correct my misspelling of Jimmiy" becasue I have to sound li ke I know my hendrix to remain hip, dorks) So, I guess I was taken becasue I liked "all along the watchtower".
I think that's about it. I just wanted to let you know taht I'm enjoying drikingin this beer and this bourbon and possibly this beer. I'm sleepy. Whend is it time to say god night? Now!
Wait ... I bet you wonder how I got so drunk. Right? I drank the rest of the bourbon letft over from my touesday tirade. This shith is good, dorks. I'd tell you I love you all but ehnn you'd asay I was just drunk.
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