"Why didn't you 'put on socks'?"
"Because my job is to 'wear tennis shoes'."
Dammit, there are so many pricks around this office that I feel like I'm at a gay bar. That was a pun on the word "prick", not a homophobic slam claiming gay men are pricks.
But I'm still hip, dorks, because I'm listening to U2's "Stuck in a Moment" while the sun shines outside. This is GreatDayOutside Pt. 2. It is such a nice reprieve from the usual Seattle "What'd you expect? It's Seattle" rain and grey.
I saw Mt. Rainier yesterday for the first time in a couple of months. I always forget how freaking huge this mountain is or exactly where it is on the horizon depending on where I am. So, sometimes I'll be driving around a bend and Mt. Rainier will pop out and go, "Ah-ha, it's mountain time!" (A time zone joke! Maybe the first of it's kind ... ever!).
Say, speaking of sequels, I just saw online that they are making Die Hard 4: Die Hardest. Nothing really to say about it, just say they are making it. Well, maybe they could have thought of a better sequel name. Maybe "Die Hard: Hell's Doorway", "Die Hard: Shotgun of Pain" or "Die Hard: 18-Inch Machete Wound".
My dad was in New York this week for the Westminster Dog Show (he was watching not participating). Some dog won yesterday.
Oh, I looked up information today about an inn that R. Tickles and I want to stay at when we get our tax return money back. I could tell you about it or you could look at the web site. Guess which I'm going with ... http://www.oceanshores.com/lodging/JudithAnn/
I made a budget for the next few weeks today and I got my watch back yesterday that has had a dead battery for two years. I like being productive ... just like you like being a dork.
So, it looks like Kerry might be the next great Clinton hope, eh? Do they just have interns to bang them? I mean can I just stop saying girlfriend and say "intern" instead? They always told us in college to get an internship, they also say college is the time to explore your sexuality. Maybe our universities are just whoring us out to the business people of the world. Magna Cum Laude, eh? Sounds like an escort agency name if I ever heard of one. Hmmm, eh?, hmmm, then eh?. It's time to go do laundry, dorks .... or maybe an intern. Ah, boo-yeah!
Oh yeah, Ramones (that's what the R. stands for, remember?) Girl said that I jumped out of bed last night and began walking around her apartment. I vaguely remember stumbling around in search of a glass of water trying to explain that I didn't understand or didn't know. What didn't I know? I don't know.
R.G. had a more lucent memory, which is that I was stumbling around without any pants on talking about how confused I was. She just rolled over and went back to bed. Now that's what I call love, ignoring psychosis.
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