O.K., Ameridorks, nows the time to saddle up and kick some old white guy ass. We've lost Dean. That's all right, the Democratic Army can still win the fight .... IF, stupid Ralph Nader drops out of this race.
Ralph Nader is the biggest dork in the world. Even worse, he will never be president because he doesn't have much more than economic ground to stand on. And even worse he gave us that momma's-daddy's boy of a president we got now. I'm a seventies-era porn man myself, but I hate me some Bush.
So I've been sending e-mails to info@votenader.org (it's the only e-mail address I could find on www.votenader.org). I've probably sent out almost 100 in just 45 minutes of work. Why not actual work, Brent? Because I'm working for America now, dammit!
You should all send similar emails to this address! I've just been writing things like "No Nader = No Bush" and "Rember 2000?" or "Two parties bad? Three parties worse!" in the subject line and then pasting a simple message as such ...
Please do not run for the office of President of the United States! You know in your heart that this will only split the Democratic party and fuel a Republican victory. Please support the Democratic candidate!
Thank you,
Brent Kinkade ...
to the body of the e-mail.
Tell your friends to do it too. If this fucker runs than it's 4 more years of Bush. That's four more years of your dad's friends running the country. America won't be hip anymore kids. The old white terrorists will have won.
So, how was your weekend? Mine was superfanfuckular. It was such a beautiful Seattle weekend that on Saturday R. Bedbuddy and I laid in bed all day and looked out the window. We had grown sick of doing things on the weekends so we decided to do nothing. And nothing we did.
R. Girl had to go to work at 4:fucking:30 on Sunday morning ... and with no sleep thanks to a drunk me.
"You asleep? Christina Agulkaearea sucks on Saturday Night Live ... wait, it's not live here. Did you realize that? Hey, are you awake?"
But I didn't have to work, so I slept until 10 in the morn and then went and played a little disc golf with the L.C. I have to say that I played pretty well for not playing in a few months. Now that frisbee fever is back in my veins. I need to get a couple more discs to round out my set and I'll be in good shape. Also need to work on my drive. Can't seem to get enough power behind the disc. And, no, I'm not a girl.
After that the L.C. had another L.C. over for dinner, except the L stands for "loud" this time. We had dinner and lovely conversation about lesbians, marijuana, sirens, dogs, dogs and sirens, and ladders. I now know where to go for random gay sex in Seattle. Heavens, what I needed to know is where to get a good slice of meringue instead I got the whole pie!
Today I've been reading 'The Dice Man' by Luke Rhinehart. It's pretty good pre-Fight Club male angst stuff so far.
It's now time for ...
The B-Man's "After 47 pages" book review!
The book opened strong with much talk about disillusionment and disassociation with society. Then there was some talk about this guys wife's ass which was cool, but was quickly replaced by talk about an egg breakfast with this guy's kids. Then there was talk about murder and Christ and the Buddha. I think someone took tranqulizers. A must read!
Thank you.
Anways, dorks I need to get back to my real job. But you need to do my bidding and send out those "No Ralph" e-mails. If you don't, a New York City fireman will cry himself to sleep. And you don't want that do you? A good American would do anything for a brave New York City fireman. Are you a good American, dork?
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