Anyways, dorkies, I had written a pretty negative blog earlier with copy/pasted e-mails and charts and graphs and testimonials describing just how rough yesterday was (too much bourbon on Tuesday night mixed with little sleep and ape women marching). And then I came back to Hipville.
Hey, I'm all right, just lost my esteemed level of cool there for a minute. Now I'm back and ready to rock you dorks who can't.
Right now I'm listening to a mixed C.D. I made called "When You Need to Rock". (sidenote: I made a little series with these, including "When You Need to Rock ... Softer" and "When You Need to Rock Southern" both of which are amazingly wicked c.d.s that I'm proud of. The combination of the two genres mentioned above is my "Go 'Way ... A Honky C.D." a fine milestone in my marvelous mixed C.D. legacy). Right now I'm hearing "You Don't Always Hmm la la" by the Stones (the C.D. is mostly Stones and Zep stuff). This used to be my favorite Stones song when I was in Jr. High and early high school. Then it was "Paint it Black" in late high school/very early college and became "Honky Tonk Woman" soon after that.
Now? I think it might be "Jumping Jack Flash".
This morning was beautiful. I woke up for a little morning smooching with the R. Baby (I spent the night with her last night so I could whine and get a back rub) and an unexpected shot of vodka. Apparently lushly R. had some screw drivers the other night and apparently they were so good she forgot she had them. I was feeling a little under the weather and asked if I could have some orange juice, which unknown to me was full of vodka. So I got me a little 5 a.m. Stoli kick, some more kisses and it was back to sleep. Great way to start a day ... well, and then quickly wind it down again.
I get more done before 5 a.m. than most whinos do all day.
Tonight is cleaning night. Yeeha, my life is exciting the past couple of days!
I need to get back to work, dorkles. Just letting you know that I hadn't forgot about you and that you are all so precious. Suck it.
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