Moving so fast, dorks, taking a minute to say hello.
What to say ... I've been dipping in and out of work to run errands all day. One of the ape-women from upstairs noticed my lack of being.
"Brent, I haven't seen you all day. Just making sure you were here."
No, I just did my little "I'm here, ape-woman" jig for her, tossed her a banana and went about my own monkeyish work.
You know what? If I had to holler something each time I was challenged or excited I think "switchblade" would be a good one.
"Sir, you can't supersize porn."
Of course, I'd have to get a switchblade for it to be convincing. Hell yeah, one of those little springloaded plastic ones you played with as a kid. You know, to have all of the humor of a stabbing and none of the blood and S.T.D. exposure.
Well, I have a weekend to do after this. Not sure what it will be. More than likely it will be a quiet evening with R. Girl tonight and perhaps this neato thing at Safeco Field tomorrow. They're having some kind of fan appreciation thing and for 10 bucks you get to run around the bases, throw some pitches in the bullpen, take some batting pracitce, etcetera, more .... Mayhaps that would be fun after some Jack.
So, I've been mainly eating high protein things the past couple of days. I kind of feel like a dork testing out this new diet that all the fatty dorks are doing these days. Today I ate half a jar of peanuts, some pork tenderloin (good), some bean salad (beany) and an apple (because I feel sexy eating fruit).So, fuck off, you grocery snoops.
"Raised in Car-o-li-na, I'm not like that."
Forget it ... it's hard to explain.
Well, I got an e-mail from my Mom yesterday. She seems to be doing better and that is a good thing. However, conviction to stay with something for life is not a common trait in my family. I just hope some exceptions can be made for alcoholics, modern love and unsweet iced tea.
That's right, I said I feel sexy eating fruit, dorks.
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