"Brent, what kind of people do you think are stupid?"
The kind in this story ...
I'm at a new job right? So, it goes without thinking that only the people who had this job before me and God know what to do. Well, maybe instead of getting upset at the new guy for not doing something for you when he had no idea he was supposed to do it because your fat childless gray haired ass was too busy daydreaming about "American Idol" and how to look good by Easter on the Atkins diet to talk to me about it you should pull that grande latte out of your grill hole and talk to him. But, nope, when you get asked by your manager why it wasn't done you blame it on the new guy so he gets talked to about it. And then you have the nerve to call me and act as if I'm holding up the progress of the free world because due to the inability of UPS to make things appear in people's hands you have to wait an extra day when really you'd be O.K. and could keep eating your cake for Peggy's birthday and planning your weekend trip to Ann Taylor if you had been a fucking adult!
That person is the person I hate. But, what can you do? Some people have to be the type to step in front of buses.
Here is an actual handmade sign I saw at work today. I guess everyone was invited to add their own two cents. Someone laid down a nickel of stupidity.

What does the customer expect of us?
1.)To Listen
2.)Call Back
4.)Large adjustments
5.)To agree with them
7.) Even larger adjustments

KNOWLEGDEBLE? Please, God, let me use my degree at some point in my life where the employees aren't so knowlegdeble. Oh, and by the way, this sign has nothing to do with my job. It's just something I saw. I have no need for paitience or "even larger adjustments" to vague things in need of adjustment.
Man, it's people like that that get under my skin.
"What will make us better?"
"Large adjustments"
"To what, Cindy?"
"Even larger adjustments?"

Back to my hip life. Kyle has quit Microsoft. Well, he was going to have to take his 100 day break soon enough and he was offered another job so what he hell. He wants for me and he to gee on a road tree this wee to Portlee.
I haven't spent any time in Portland and think I might take him up on it.
I'm now in search of a snowboard online. Must find one soon so R. Girl and I can thrash together. Also, started thinking about Valentine's Day ideas today. I'm leaning towards a pony or what I told her I got her last night.
"I hollowed out Mt. Rainier and it's now your house."
How wicked would that be?
Other things I have to do to maintain a certain level of chic.
1.) Rotate my C.D. selection for the truck.
2.) Get a new pair of crosstrainers and a sweater.
I've got a headache and no hangover. I think I need to get out of this place for lunch. I will, dorks.
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