So, it was Texas and Seattle, not Anaheim.
And I didn't actually use the centerfield tickets last night like I wrote about.
I used the box seat tickets that we got when some dude pulled up at the bus stop in an IROC or a Z and handed them over.
He had adult braces, which always makes me a little uncomfortable.
The seats were between 3rd base and home plate and about 30 rows back. It was awesome. We showed up around the 3rd inning because we wanted to go grab some bourbon from this little bar downtown that boasts "The world's largest selection of bourbon". It was a lot of fucking bourbon to choose from. And good too.
The electricity went out at Safeco Field when someone drove a truck into a power line near the stadium. I felt like I was back in the South again for a minute. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/baseball/139038_lightsout10ww.html
I need to work ... or play space genocide. I'll decide over some coffee.
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