I just finished watching "Bowling for Columbine". The cover of the DVD has a review that says "Funny". Yeah, I laughed; but, the they should have had a review that said "Honest" instead.
I don't want to talk about the specifics of the movie or how I'm kicking my ass for not going to see it in the ONE Columbia theater that showed it. I knew all of the facts that were said in the movie. I have studied poli sci, media literacy and race relations. What I want to talk about is the one truth that was said in the movie.
We are mad at nothing.
I just gave Kyle my theroy that the U.S. is a high roller strung out from a 20 year poker game. We won the cold war (purposely left in lower caps, fuckers) when Ronald Reagan played history's biggest bluff known as "Star Wars". We were not going to put lasers in space. We had no intention on building this silly project. (In fact if you ever see some old coverage of that silly speech, note the reaction on half the people's faces ... I've never seen more "yeah, right"s in my life). It was a bluff.
Russia had built up a nuclear arsenal larger than ours. But, really, how many times can you blow up the world?
So, we bluff that we're getting ready to build this defense system that would make nuclear weapons obsolete. Imagine you're a Russian.
"What? Really? We put all of our fucking money into this goddamned arms race and they are going to make it obsolete? Can they do that? Yes? Oh, shit, we're fucked."
That was it, the worlds greatest bluff ended the cold war.
But, if you are America you can't just say, "Just fucking with you." (P.S. I'm not a Republican, but it's O.K. to admit that the other guys came up with some good ideas)
Everything since that point has been a super inflated hyper active arms race to beat nobody. Which brings me back to the poker game.
We have noone to play but we are so excited that we won the "big match" that we have been on a 20 year(ish) bender. "Who's going to play me next? You? You? You?" No one has ever wanted to play.
"Fuck that. Panama, you play him."
But, we Shanghaied us a couple of apponents. Now the rest of the spectators get nervous. "Maybe we should punch the fucking hyper Maverick before he gets us next." I would.
Which brings me to my big point that I wanted to say after watching this movie. I have seen the pointless anger that is incorporated in us by a chase for goods and a lifestyle we can't ever reach. Even those skinny blonde fucks in the ads go home to cocaine and bitchy girlfriends, people.
Wrap this up, Brent. I wanted to share with you 2 typical Americans who are (or were) scared of the world outside.
Case study #1: When I was working at the great supermarket in high school this dude came in one day. I was bagging his groceries and noticed he had F.T.W. tattoed on his arm. Unlearned in the was of the angry world as I was, I asked what it meant.
"Fuck the world."
I didn't say another word. But I kept thinking, "Why is he so mad?"
"Fuck the world? Fuck you! Carry your own goddamned groceries that I just bagged for you so I can make enough money not to ask my single mother for gas money to go to school and take my fat girlfriend to a movie where I won't make out. Fuck the world? Buddy, I am the world."
The second was this guy from just the other day. It was when me and R. Girl were heading out to camp. We were driving down the interstate when all of a sudden this fucker pulls into my lane. He ran me off the road, which, naturally, upset me. But the guy has the nerve to look in his rearview mirror and start telling me to "Fuck off" while giving ME the finger. He cut ME off! It was ME that almost died! After a few seconds of me screaming "I'll fuck your world" and R. Girl giving him the doulbe bird (you know, both hands at once) did the guy calm down and realize his mistake. He gave the "I"m sorry" wave and as a citizen of this world I had no choice but to accept it and give the all encompasing "It's ok, you're a good guy" tilt of the hat.
Good stories. But within them are what's wrong with this country. Daddy hated us or we got arrested for crank possesion and all of a sudden we say "Fuck the World" every time we reach for something? Are we so caught up on fucking others over that we don't look at our OBVIOUS mistakes and realize we were wrong.
We can't even say we're wrong. We have to tattoo ourselves to protect our silly lifestyles that are fake and based on GAP ads anyways.
You're mad at someone for something. Don't fuck the world.
You cut me off. Calm down. We lived. I flip you off, you shake your head like an idiot and we drive on.
There's no need for any of this anger. Who are we mad at? I think ourselves.
We watch 9/11, we watch Columbine, we watch all of these things and we KNOW that it's not the kids or the Middle Easterners. It's us.
That's why we are mad. We cut off the world and don't want to admit we aren't as cool as we thought. So let's all run out and tattoo our arms, right?
Think about that, dorks.
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