Folks, we have a winner. Mz. Eva Moore, that's THE Mz. Eva Moore from Perfect Sleeper, has won the first Win Stuff From Brent's Whacky Life Contest. Mz. Moore (why am I using the Mz. title?) will receive the original Roy nameplate as well as detailed instructions on how to use the space commander chair. And for getting all of today's 5 songs at 5 correct (answers: The Monkees, P.M. Dawn, Gladys Night sans Les Pips, R.E.M. and R.E.M.) Mz. Moore has won the grand prize of No Inner Dialogue Girl's Sharpie marker! Stay tuned for more chances to win with the Win Stuff From Brent's Whacky Life Contest!
"Where's my Sharpie? It makes black ink go on white paper. Sometimes the paper is blue! Red cars pay more for insurance. The Titanic was a boat! A water boat!"
Moving on to Frame Stage in a relationship is harder than it sounds. First you have to say goodbye to pre-frame stage. You've made a commitment now, buddy. With frame stage comes the no more having Hustler issues laying around the room responsibility and the knowledge that flower buying is coming up very soon. Next is toothbrush stage (which I've already accomplished at R. Girl's apartment thanks to some desperate emergancy brushing after camping) then the dreaded tampon stage and then you die.
But, the hardest part so far has been actually picking out the frame.
I bought one yesterday at the Northwest version of Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer (who's slogan is "We charge a dollar more for a 2 liter of Coke b/c we are hipper than Wal-Mart"). I was half asleep and bought a frame much too big and I had to return it. Actually, that wasn't too hard. I guess I'm just used to only having to remember to return my Soprano's D.V.D.'s to the video store and eat McDonalds once a day.
Last night was sleepy night. Laundry was forgone like a pretty young Brazilian boy's hopes of soccer greatness. Instead I played "Tiger Woods 2003" with Kyle.
I got him this for his 21st birthday, which is Saturday, by the way. I played this game a lot in college and it always leads to beer drinking so I figured if he wanted to be a responsible young drunk male he should have this game. It's fun. Enough.
We're switiching from UPS to FedEx at work! Roy would be so jealous, dorks.
I require pysical activity today. I don't think I've told, y'all, but this damned cold has stayed with me for near 2 weeks now. It's been phlegm and sniffles for 13 days now. I've been sleepy and rundown and I need some sun and to watch little kids hit each other at football practice. So, I'm going to head over to the park across the street from me and try out my new frisbee that I got at the Adidas store on Sunday.
Now, it is time to sneak out the back door at work. Say a prayer and hum the James Bond theme, dorks, the B's about to get crafty.
Later, sweetdorks.
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