Sunday afternoon. Hangover very much a part of my life. Like a parrot on a pirate's shoulder that punches the brain instead of the squawking. "B-Man want a migraine?"
Yesterday ruled. I woke up in time to pound a couple cups of coffee before the lovely couple picked me up to head out to the amazing Bocce compound party. The drive out there was beautiful. I don't use that word very often; but, that's the only way to describe it. Fucking beautiful is another way, I guess.
We got to the event around noon. This house was amazing. Fucking amazing. It looks like an architectural mastermind was blindfolded and sent about a forest to create. This place was like a less-pointy St. Basils; there was lots of stuff and it didn't seem like it should flow but it did".
We played 3 games of Bocce ball (1-2 for the B) which I surprised myself by being able to pull out some amazing shots. I'm hooked on Bocce. Hamburgers, oriental sandwiches, Jack Daniels and AmberBock. More Jack Daniels. Arrogant B-Man remarks ("My boyfriend is a part-time cop" "Then I guess he's a piglet! Hahahahahaha") More Amber Bock. Some more Bocce. More arrogant remarks ("Well, they did give my idea a movie deal" "They gave 'Ernest Goes to Camp' a movie deal too"). Great conversation. Even though a lot of the conversation was about musicals, it's amazing how much I care about musicals when I'm half lit and in the company of theater buffs. It's my ability to blend in and get drunk in any environment ("Say, bishop, how 'bout a sermon and a Vodka tonic? I tell you, that Christ had one hell of a mother.") The other B and I played a rag-tag game of disc golf through this amazing piece of the Northwest (skins match score 2-5. I can never seem to win anything) which I had to throw from the top of a compost heap at one point. I argued that should give me at least an extra skin for props sake. No luck with that.
Anyways, I was obnoxious but I met lots of interesting people. I just hope I didn't say anything too jackass to embarass the h.c. I guess I'll find out. After all of that I had a good old fashioned sibling ass kicking argument with Kyle. Why? Why not? He's so cute when he clenches his fists and goes "Brent, I'm serious".
There was more that happened but I don't want to think too hard right now. Ramones girl is on her way over and I need to shower. We're going to go down to this dock that we found on Mercer Island. Maybe we'll watch some boats and drink some beer. Maybe we'll just makeout in front of little kids. I'll write more later.
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