I'm feeling better today, thanks for asking.
I have that post-cold crummy feeling. I'm randomly breaking out into cold sweats and cigarettes taste like burnt glue.
I've made plans for frisbee golf with R. Girl, but I think I'll have to cancel. I don't think the body is up for 18, or even 3, holes of whipping discs and walking. Instead I think we should go on a little jaunt about the city in her new car. I love new car days. They are very rare, and I feel we should take full advantage of this one. You know, riding around going "This is nice" and "How fast will it go?".
I really don't have much news because all I've done is slept and worked in the past 48 hours. I did have some random dreams. In one I returned to Columbia to say hello to everybody. Everything had changed and nothing was in the right place. Walking the streets made me very nervous and I kept slipping on wet floors and icy sidewalks. Everyone I knew was in a very large park for what seemed to be a "Welcome Home B" party. Instead, it was just a huge conincidence. I was drunk and people kept saying to me "You shouldn't have done that" and I kept saying "I don't care what I should have done; I did it". I quickly ran back to Seattle.
When I got back here, in my dream, I was in a huge field looking up on a large 200 foot tall snowy cliff. There were about 50-or-so snowboarders jumping off of it. They were falling about 100 feet each and then landing in a large snow pile. I kept thinking "Are these kids cool?" I decided they weren't and kept wondering if they were hurting themselves. They weren't getting up from the snow drift and more kept jumping on them. Weird and vivid shit.
I really smell like cigarettes. I've been trying to catch up on my blood to nicotine ratio and now I smell like my grandpa pre-cancer. I need to wash up and drown in some Listerine. I'll have more to say, dorkbabies, once I actually get out of here and enjoy this fucking beautiful Seattle day.
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