I need to find out how to buy the rights to the Harlem Globetrotters theme song.
I downloaded it earlier this afternoon and I'm hooked! I've been playing it while I clean up, while I make a sandwich and while I take a little nap; it makes everything a little more whacky!
Watch out Mr. Sandwich, that's not a jar of mustard; it's a jar of confetti mean ol' Slippery Kinkade gonna throw on you! Uh-oh, Mr. Nextdoor Neighbor, ol' Slippery gonna pull your shorts down and then dunk while you look silly! Hey there, Lamp, Slippery ain't pregnant; the ball is up his shirt!
If my life was a movie and I had to have a theme song play whenever I did something cool, got into a fight or had rough sex it'd be this song!
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