I didn't write in this thing yesterday. I hope everybody didn't get shot.
As you might be able to tell from my backwards hillbilly speaking, I'm tired. I had a lot of work to do today as Roy2D2. One of the swing shift fellas totally forgot to fill out the HMDA forms and that set my closing process back a good 2 hours! Can you believe it?
Here's what happened to me in the past 48 hrs.
-A man with a goatee stepped on an elevator before I got off of it. I was too shocked to say "Hey".
-I rented "Marathon Man" and "Rear Window", excuse me "Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window". I wanted to redeem myself after watching "Phone Booth" the other night. Forrest Whitaker? Hmph. And Colin Ferrel? This guy is supposed to be Hollywood's "bad boy"? He's about as badass as a pair of Reeboks. OOOO, take that you aussie or whatever fuck. And Keifer Sutherland, listen up, I only want you making movies with someone related to or with the last name of "Estivez" from now on.
-I got dragged downtown to go to a karaoke party. By party these people meant a room with a computer that plays songs. I was instructed to sneak beer in. No. I was told to have fun. No. I was already a little drunk when we got there, which allowed for one of my prouder moments in life. I was in this "room" box thing for about a minute listening to the opening rifts of "Superman" by 3 Dicks Up My Face when a penguin came on the screen. I yelled, "And now there's a fucking penguin?!?! That's it, I'm out". And I was.
-Kyle and I drove around downtown last night. I had one of those surreal/ perfect life moments when we were stopped at a red light next to Seahawks Stadium around midnight with the top down on his cute lil' car and The Sex Pistols' "Holiday in the Sun" rocking everyone in ear shot. It was a Visa commercial. We were young and rocking; we were American Eagle.
-I spent some quality time with Ramones Girl. She told me that I woke up during the middle of the night on Wednesday laughing my ass off. She asked me what was so funny and I sat upright in bed staring at the wall and started saying "Does anybody have any questions? Anybody? Anybody?". Over the past couple of weeks I have, in my sleep, asked her "Where are the buildings?" and "When is the great race of 80 days on? You don't know of the great race?". Most girls would bolt, but she says it's entertaining to have a psychotic in bed with her. I'm her R.E.M. cycle H.B.O. That should say something about her.
We have started to make plans for camping this weekend. We are talking about going ot the Pacific Ocean (not the Caspian Sea) and camping on the beach. That would be swell; I've seen the sunrise over an ocean but not set behind one. I'm as squirrely as a prom night whore thinking about it.
That's about it. I have felt like I'm coming down with a cold all week. I've been low on energy and kind of grumpy. I'm going to go take a nap.
I hope all of you kids starting school are having a good time. This is the first time in almost 20 years that I haven't been in some form of school during the fall.
HMDA. Can you believe those stooges on swing shift?
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